About us

About US

Jobjinn is a site that has been started by a team of persons that are from different fields and are well-aware of their roles in building an online portal.
Jobjinn carries out a simple agenda of creating a bridge between recruiters and candidates. It act as a mediator between both parties and provide them an online portal, where they can interact with each other.
Jobjinn performs special programs and services online, by using which the candidates and the recruiters will get ease of access in getting a job and providing a job.
Jobjinn also ensures about the genuinity, authenticity and the uniqueness of the recruiters that neither of them are fake nor harmful to the candidates.
Jobjinn as a team ensures that the candidate gets a satisfactory job and gets placed well. Also the recruiter gets a hard working, honest and a stickler for the rules of the company or organization and helps in proper growth of the company or organization.
Jobjinn ensures that all the visitors who visit our site and connect with Jobjinn will get a satisfactory and fruitful response always. The Jobjinn team will always ensure that the visitors connecting with us will become a part of Jobjinn and will always try to enlarge this in every right way or manner.
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